Explorer Scouts

Explorer Scout NeckerExplorer Scouts are 14 to 18 years old and take part in a variety of local, District and County events and can also be involved with specialist expedition groups embarking on international scouting projects.

Explorer Scouts take their scouting skills to a new level by engaging in activities such as trekking coast to coast along Hadrian's wall, cycling in France and having the opportunity to attend international scouting jamborees. Aside from major projects, Explorer Scouts still have lots of fun and maintain their social scouting links at their unit meetings. 

Explorer Scouts can complete their Duke of Edinburgh Award if they wish and become Young Leaders should they choose to.

Explorer Scouts are not directly connected to a Group, but are managed by the District. In Rotherfield District we have six Explorer Units, Weyfarers are the unit meeting at 8th Alton's cabin:

Explorer Units meet weekly and Explorer Scouts are welcome to visit any Explorer Unit within the District, not just the one they were invested in.