Our History

8th Alton (1st Worldham) was formed 25th March 1957 under registration number 33124.

Rotherfield District Badge8th Alton started life in the Alton District and was transferred to the Rotherfield District on 1st April 1994 when the Alton District was dissolved.

Although registered in 1957 with Scout Master J H Webb, by 1959, there are no warranted leaders and it is believed that Brother Cuthbert from Beech Abbey is running the Troop.

On 10th May 1960, the Hawkins family took over the running of the group when CW Hawkins was presented with his Group Scout Masters Warrant, Mrs B E M Hawkins received her Cub Master Warrant and C Hawkins junior received his Scout Masters warrant.

Although registered as 8th Alton (1st Worldham), 1st Worldham Troop closed in 1963 and in the same year CW and Mrs Hawkins both retired from the Group, which was meeting at the St Lawrence Church Rooms in Normandy Street.

They moved to the Old Laundry Room at Alton General Hospital in 1969 with one Cub Pack and a Scout Troop.  When the rats ate the groups' tents, which were in storage at the Old Laundry, the council was again approached for land to build a new Scout Hut.

A second Cub Pack was formed in 1981, Neatham pack with Cub Scout Leader T Terry and Assistant Cub Scout Leader Mrs S Woodman, the original Pack now named Anstey Pack with Cub Scout Leader R Coombes and Assistant Cub Scout Leader N Woodruff kept the original flag staff and the leaping wolf on the top - one of only two known in the District.

In 1981 Scout Leader C Brooks received his Wood Badge, the first leader in the Group to complete the new style training.

Having to vacate the Old Laundry in 1984, the Cub Scouts met at the St Mary's Church Hall in Albert Road for nearly a year. The Terrapin building donated in 1982 by Group President Mr F Taylor was still stored in the old open-air swimming pool in Anstey park and was erected and opened in 1985.

In 1997 a Beaver Colony was started when Mrs J Robinson received her Beaver Scout Leaders warrant, and a second Colony was opened a year later by Mrs M Vincent.

The Group has had numerous Venture Units over the years; Hornet Venture Scout Unit under the leadership of the Venture Scout Leader M Falls was in operation from 1996-2008, and the last, Vindomis, was started in 2000.

8th Alton NeckerThe present HQ in Anstey Park was opened in 1998 after many years of group fundraising and a Lottery Grant. 2001 saw a group scarf change and in 2007 the Group was listed as Greenfields and Wootey Beaver Colonies, Anstey and Neatham Cub packs and a Scout Troop.

A Medal of Merit was awarded to Group Scout Leader P Sperring in 1990.